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released May 2, 2017


tags: punk Rome


all rights reserved


LVTN Rome, Italy

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Track Name: Plague
veins full of water
misused eyes
there is a wall where there were windows
and we are staring at it.
put an x on your paper
you saved your breath.
eat your flesh
sign your sentence
you are safe
nothing matter anymore
when you are born almost dead,
nothing ever matter.
alone avoiding your germs.
other 1000 of this years?
plague please come soon.
Track Name: Inner Lies
please tell me
that i will be safer in silence
where there' s and will be light
that i'll be less tired
living sat down
that my needs are the only to be satisfied
that my answers have the wrong questions
that this noise worths more than i expect
that you'll never forget me
and you'll always forgive me
i'm turning into what i hate
and i don't need a mirror to realize it.
mouths full of words
but i can only see spits
wider and warmer cages
that's what we are fighting for.
Track Name: Too Low To Fall
my exausted throat can't find rest
i am the imminent crash
drain me, curse me
at least
the weight of endure myself
is now unbearable
no words to say
no lies to hear
embrace me one last time
waste my chest
persuade me on how
everything could be different
wrapped in you
i will not move.
i am the imminent crash,
but now i am too low to fall
perpetually, i can only see the ends.
Track Name: Chocked
everything stay,
i thought
to leave,
but you stay,
to my fears
so close
to speak with them
don't help me
i’ ve lost the thrills
vultures around me
i'd rather be alone
than chocked by my apologies
truth is different
no good, no bad.
somewhere, somehow.
everything stay.
Track Name: Knots
what if i
wait until tomorrow?
I'm drifting my head
where it's warmer,
no voice, no noise, no sigh,
staring at temples
cause I don't wanna see through.
this road is taking me,
so please let me here.
no voice, no noise, no sigh.
play loud for me
so we can't speak
we are sharing the same ideas
are we sharing the same ideas?
bent to verdicts.
drills in my head
snakes in my maw.
being in the same place
wearing the same shirt
speaking the same language
it means nothing.
Track Name: Void
no tears in this void.
I am just filled of goodbyes.
the need is the loss of everyhting.
i'm the victim
i 'm the hangman
i'm the heartquake.
while ashes cover our bodies
you are the victim
you are the hangman
you are the eartquake.
while ashes bury our bodies.
skin is shed, words get lost
background changes
but i am always in the same room.
and it makes no difference
if the hand holding the gun
is mine or yours
scars and blank stares
this knife has no handle